Monday, August 8, 2011

San Fran Here We Come

Less than 30 hours till Kevin and I board the plan for SF!!!  This is the mark of various things for me and "us".  It's the first time Kev and I will be traveling for vacation together (other than our road trip with Tim and Nova to Maine), our first plane ride together.  It's much needed after a few long weeks of work for me and he needs a mini break from his summer class that is torturing him.

We decided to merge our music festival experience with our own culinary tour of San Fran.  Lots of pics will be taken with the new fancy camera, and I'll try to include as many details as possible about the various things I see and eat.  Unfortunately for the safety of my camera, I'm leaving it behind while we attend Outside Lands.

Oh did I mention I will be seeing my best friend Jeana too!!!!!

Countdown is all I have to do is pack tonight!