Thursday, September 22, 2011

SHAKE SHACK: Secret Menu

Yup, you read that right, SHAKE SHACK HAS A SECRET MENU!!!!  We all know about the elusive In-N-Out secret menu....."Double Double Animal Style, PLEASEEE!"
But Shake Shack has kept what seems to be their secret menu quite a secret for sometime now.  Click here to check out the slideshow.

This article from, explains the menu and how there's even a grilled cheese and tomato on it.  Pickles, onions, on your burger; even a cheese dog. I'm loving this! Love the shakes at the Shack??? Each location, even has a specific shake menu.  See!

Ok, so I've come to the conclusion, it's not an actual menu, more like specific requests that have been granted. and depending on where you are will play a role in what you can get.  Turns out Danny Meyers Philosophy, aside from using top grade meat - "50:25:25 ratio of sirloin:chuck:brisket. All 80:20 meat-to-fat." - according to, is to make the customer happy.  "HAVE IT YOUR WAY"  But it all comes down to your cashier and if they like you enough to push what you want.  So be kind to those shake shack employees if you're looking for something special. Guess I need to plan trip to Shake Shake soon and push those cashiers as far as the will go; Shack Stack with pickles and onions and cheese fries please.

This just made my entire week!!!!

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