Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Until I went to BLT Steak/Prime, I had no idea what a popover was; after going I made sure I took their recipe with me to cherish for life.  For those of you who aren't familiar with this fluffy, doughy, goodness - see here.

Now, its been a few years since I got my hands on this recipe and I have yet to try it out.  See I don't consider myself a great baker; too much of an exact science and I'd rather just throw ingredients and seasoning into a pan to see how it comes out. A few weeks ago, while digging for a (different) recipe I came across the popovers and said, "hey why not".  I'm such a great girlfriend and we didn't have milk so I kindly asked Kev head to the store to get some - I was making dinner for him!!

Unfortunately, I don't have a popover pan so I just used a mini cupcake pan instead.  It's a really simple recipe; only 5 ingredients.  Although, mine weren't as fantastic as BLT's; for a first timer I'd like to say they were pretty good.  A few things I would have done differently (like not mix the batter so much and actually have Gruyere cheese - I only had locatelli romano which is a great supplement).  I included the recipe below from  which is literally word for word the same recipe BLT serves with the popovers.

  • 3 cups milk 
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour 
  • 1 Tbs. kosher salt 
  • 6 eggs 
  • 6 oz. Gruy√®re cheese, grated 

Place the popover pan in the oven. Heat the oven and pan at 350". Gently warm the milk over low heat and set aside. Whisk the eggs until frothy and slowly whisk in the milk (so as not to cook the eggs). Set the mixture aside. Sift the flour with the salt. Slowly add this dry mixture and gently combine until mostly smooth. Once combined, remove the popover pan from the oven and spray with non-stick vegetable spray. While the batter is still slightly warm or room temperature (definitely not cool), fill each popover cup 3/4 full. Top each popover with approximately 2 1/2 tbsp of the grated gruyere. Bake at 350" for 50 minutes, rotating pan half a turn after 15 minutes of baking. Remove from the oven, remove from the pan and serve immediately.

Hope you all enjoy!!