Monday, November 21, 2011

Lunch Time Activities: BLUE SMOKE

In NYC; you have your usual BBQ contenders, Hill Country, Dinosaur BBQ, Fette Sau, Daisy May's, Rock and Soul and RUB; I've visited 3 out of 5 of those places.  Hill Country still remains my fav!  Then you have BLUE SMOKE; Danny Meyers upscale take on classic Barbecue; which I haven't been to until Friday.


I love Danny Meyer, I love the high standard he sets for his food and I love the atmosphere he creates in his restaurants.  So when given the chance to have lunch at Blue Smoke; you bet I was super excited.

My thoughts on the food: (with pictures for visuals)

Kansas city spare ribs (pictured on the bottom) - long thin ribs that were just ok. They tasted like your standard ribs but if I was ordering just one type; I probably wouldn't have choose these.
Memphis baby back ribs (pictured to the right) - short, juicy and fall off the bone good.  Enough said.
Texas salt and pepper beef ribs (large ribs to the top left) - hands down the best ribs I might have ever tasted.  These ribs are tremendous, and also fall right off the bone. The salt and pepper create a nice crispy little outside layer.  The menu states, no sauce necessary and I will have to 100% agree with that statement.

Chipotle wings - meh, I didn't even finish a whole one.

Pork filled raviolo - nothing special, I could have done without.

Mac & Cheese - like I said above, I was disappointed.  It wasn't bad by any means; I guess I just hold Danny Meyer to a different standard and I think the mac and cheese fell short.

Brisket - After having Hill Country's and Fette Sau's marble brisket, it's hard to find anything that even comes close to that tender, juicy, melt in your mouth meat.  With that being said, I was VERY disappointed in the brisket.

Pulled Pork - This was fantastically delicious.  If someone made me put the food we ate in order from best to worst; the pulled pork would come in second, right after the Texas beef ribs.  The pork was juicy but not over saturated in sauce so you could really taste the pork flavor.

There were a lot of other items on the menu that I would love to go back and try.  Overall, Blue Smoke is great; one of the better BBQ joints I've been to.  I like the decor and that you sit down and order rather then stand in line to get your food.  I will admit, Hill Country still holds the title for best brisket in NYC but Blue Smoke is now the winner for the best ribs; hands down.  RUB, Maisy May's and Rock and Soul I will be visiting soon.

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