Thursday, July 12, 2012

Major Cooking Fail

If you live in NY, particularly around the NYC area, and love Vietnamese..Vietnam...mese....Vietnamese (for some reason I can't seem to pronounce this word probably) then I hope you've been to Saigon Grill. If you haven't, GO!!  NOW!  I'm not kidding, stop reading and just GO!  You will enjoy some of the best Vietnamese food you'll ever have!

Kevin and a bunch of his friends all shared an apartment back in the day, they used to order Saigon Grill, drive into the city to get it and go, travel all the back to Nyack and enjoy the feast!! From what I'm told, these guys would order the same dishes each time. They must have because he knows the numbers of the dishes by heart; thankfully because the menu is like 10 pages long.  To be 100% honest, I'm not even sure what they are called, all I do know is that one is a beef dish that is so friggin tender it melts in your mouth.  Another is this glass noodle dish, Bun Xao, that is perfection in my book.  So good that I always try to find it at other places and fail.

Well recently, we discovered this Asian market in White Plains and they had the glass noodles there.  So I decided why not try and recreate the masterpiece that is Bun Xao.  I went searching online for a recipe but couldn't seem to find the right one.  Eventually I came upon a Chowhound post, "Desperate for BunXao Recipe" with a thread of people asking the same question..."Does anyone know how to make the Bun Xao from Saigon Grill in NYC"  Apparently, I'm not the only person who is in love with this dish.

Step by step I followed the recipe (adding in some veggies), it was pretty simple; however, I ended up adding too much Soy sauce and had to add increments of the other ingredients in order to balance it out.  But in the end, the flavors were delicious.  We sat for dinner and scarfed down the noodles. Literally attacked the bowl.

BOOM!  330a hits and Kev is waking me up asking for the Pepcid, claiming to have terrible pains in his stomach.  After giving him some meds and falling back to sleep; about an hour later I wake up with the same issues.  It was terrible, awful, I felt like I might actually die.  It was a cross between heart burn and nausea. Kev really thinks I was trying to kill him.

I  have no idea what caused the issue but I blame it on the noodles.(prob should have second guessed buying glass noodles from an Asian market for about $2.)  For some reason I don't think our bodies were able to digest them and the major problem we are having now is not being able look or think about Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese food.  We are totally TAINTED!  One stroll past the neighborhood Thai place, Noodle-Plus, and terrible feelings arise.  Really hope this goes away because I love me some Pad Thai and Pad See Eew.  The fix must be going to Saigon Grill and having the real thing. It has to be!!

So in the end, I'm not really sure what the moral of the story is but figured I would share a tragic cooking episode from our apt.  Hoping the next episode is one that includes something tasty that doesn't try to kill us.

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