Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dinner Adventure #2

There's always that one restaurant, people speak so highly of, and that blows every expectation out of the water. Momofuku Ssam Bar is that restaurant for me. I vividly remember Jeana talking about her encounter with their pork buns (at the time I didn't actually eat pork due to my own ignorance- boy was I missing out) and how amazingly delicious they were. I immediately added them to the bucketlist of places to eat (yes there's a bucket list).

When Kevin and I met, aside from falling head over heels for each other, we bonded over our mutual love for food.  I immediately mentioned how Momofuku was my number one restaurant and he proceeded to tell me about his experience there with what he calls "the perfect scallop" (just for reference, they no longer offer this "scallop" as the menu is always changing).  A few months later and SURPRISE, he takes me to Momofuku Ssam for my birthday dinner. Eating here is unlike any experience; there is no restaurant to compare it to or food type to describe it; it's one of those places you need visit to see for yourself.  We indulged in pork buns, bar buns, crispy rice cakes with sausage, soft shell crab and one of the best pork chops I've ever eaten.  I'll admit to a foodgasm I had while eating one of the pork buns that a waitress actually caught. Needless to say, aside from my favorite birthday gift ever (Canon Rebel) because that clearly held a special place for the evening; this was one of the greatest meals I've ever had.  Now, along with Jeana, Kev and many others; Momofuku holds a special place in my heart.

Friday, October 14, 2011


My love for food extends beyond just eating at great restaurants, I actually really enjoy cooking too. When I'm in the kitchen, I tend to lose track of time and get completely lost in the process of making delish food. In other words, I'm in my ZONE!! Fully focused!

Salmon Burgers

My latest accomplishment was salmon burgers; made with fresh salmon, not that canned crap. Figured I'd share the recipe with you....(you'll notice I don't really give you measurements; the honest reason - I have no clue how much of one thing or another I used, I just know what went in. My advice is to use your judgement and taste things for flavor. One thing to remember, with the salmon burgers, don't add to much of the other ingredients (onions, peppers, etc) it'll prevent you from being able to form patties that will stay together. Moderation is the key)

Olive oil
Butter (optional)
Fresh salmon (farm raised or wild)
Peppers (any color)
Panko bread crumbs
1 egg
Soy sauce (like a tsp, if that)
Dijon mustard (about a tbsp)
Coarse mustard
Salt and pepper
Any other seasoning you enjoy

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So Many Activities: for such a small City

It's been awhile since my last post.  Wish I could say it was because I've been eating lots of burgers for the competition but that's just not the case.  Instead, work has been keeping me busy, I've been hitting the gym and Kev and I have been going on adventures.

Our latest trip: Boston.  We arrived around 10-1030am (ish) on Saturday, the adventures for the day included, Harvard Square, eating at Mr Bartley's (known for their Burger), roaming around Harvard Campus, a few beers at John Harvard's Brew House, (their house made pale ale was delicious), the Boston Commons and Public Garden, a little shopping on Newbury Street and back to Fanneuil Hall, the area where we were staying.

The plan was to hit up Union Oyster House for some chowdah (the bartender at John Harvard's said it was the best in the city) then back to the hotel, shower up and head out for dinner.  Plan = FAIL.  Union Oyster House had an hour and a half wait. No THANKS.  We headed towards the North End to try and get a table at Neptune's Oyster, (also so supposed to have great Chowder) but wouldn't you know, another long wait (we never actually found out how long because we couldn't get in the place).  So we did what anyone else would do, grabbed a bottle of vodka, some soda and headed to the hotel.  A few drinks later; all dressed and ready to go, we headed to Boston's Little Italy area (The North End) to finally eat some dinner.  Ok, so have you ever tried to go out to dinner there on a Saturday night?  Literally, every single restaurant, and I mean EVERYONE, was packed with a wait.  Which brings me to the point of my story, earlier in the day, the plan was to hit up this restaurant/gastropub Kev researched which was conveniently placed on his handy Google map in the South End.  After giving up on Italian food and the North End in general, we hopped in a cab headed towards The Gallows.