Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blue, Lamb, Craft....

Last week was a bit of an adventure for me, culinary and craft beer wise......

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to go to Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House in NYC.  This led me to eating the BEST Blue Cheese Wedge Salad EVER!  I've only had a few wedge salads in my life, but there is no mistaking that this will become the wedge salad no other wedge salad can live up to.  First off, the bacon was smoked and crisp, just the way i love it and second, to top it off, the blue cheese wasn't any ordinary blue cheese from a dressing bottle; it was top notch dutch blue, creamy and pungent and delicious.

Then on Saturday, Kevin and I went on an adventure into the city to eat lunch and try various good beers, oh sorry correction "craft beer", with his friends.  Our first stop was for lunch, where we eat at The Breslin in the Ace Hotel.  If you've never been, you NEED to go for one thing and one thing only:  THE LAMB BURGER!!!   The Breslin is owned by the same masterminds that opened, the also amazing, Spotted Pig...ONIK! (<--click there for the website), so it's no wonder their burgers are both juicy delicious meat patty's that melt in your mouth.  If you made me choose one or the other, I would have to say the lamb burger from The Breslin, simply because it is the kind of burger that you crave and dream of.  It starts with the bun (which I wasn't aware how special it was, rumor has it that it comes from Balthazar Bakery), either way, it's a ciabatta roll, airy and fluffy yet crispy on the outside for enough structure to withstand the ozzy burger juices.  Then the combination of feta on top of the lamb meat, which is cooked perfectly medium rare that is delivers just enough juicy goodness. YUMMM!  I want one now!

Kev and I also split the grilled cheese with ham for lunch; which was also delightful and worth purchasing. But I'll have to admit that I've had better grilled cheese in my day.

Chrome bull horn head thing from inside The Breslin

After our exquisite lunch, we headed to midtown to a Irish Bar known for the countless craft beers on tap and in bottles.  Ok, so Kevin has turned me on to drinking great craft beers.  I used to think that craft beer meant ordering a Blue Moon or even a Magic Hat; I had no idea the extent of craft beer and the various different types.  Either way here are a few pictures I took with my camera from our day adventure drinking beers.

Bear Republic - Mach 10 (IPA)

Inside Blind Tiger
Kevin, Sean and Lugi at Rattle and Hum

My favorite picture that I took that day.  

If you like beer, check this blog out....SLA CRAFT.  You might notice some of the pic from above posted there as well.

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