Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Morning thoughts....

Life can get a head of you sometimes. Worrying about the future, about stuff you have no control over. 

We all do it, drive ourselves nuts over all the pressures in life but in reality things change in a second so why worry about all this none sense in advance?  The way we were brought up, raised, how society has breed us, has trained our brains to start stressing about what we want to be as adults, figure out a school to go to, find a boyfriend to marry, get a good job to save and buy a house, start a family all at a young age. I have a vivid memory from kindergarten of drawing an outline of myself and creating it into the person I want to be when I grow up, I was Miss America obviously. Haha. Like, who ever thought that at 17 years old kids should know what they want to be as an adult? They are forced to find a college and choose a major that they are supposed to follow for the rest of their lives. No wonder a large majority end up in a different field then they study or go back to school for something different. At that age most of us aren't ready to make such long term decisions, we are still trying to figure out life and enjoy being young. Yet when we don't have it all figured it out at by a certain age, we are forced to believe we are failing at life. When in fact we haven't
failed at all,  just taking our time to make the right choice for us. So much pressure, so much to think about, no wonder people can't deal with it and never go to school or get real life jobs or even stay in mindless jobs for 20-30 years miserable.

I vow here on out not to let these social pressures dictate my life.  There's so much I want, so many things I want to do and stressing over why I'm not where I saw myself being at my age or even when I can move in with my boyfriend is only going to create a road block for any other creative thinking I might need to be doing. No point in listening to everyone else's time lines for where I should be or what I should be doing, when I should get engaged or married or have kids. When the times right it will happen.  What I need to worry about is following my passion, food. 

I battle back and forth between jumping into opening a cafe or small restaurant, to going back to school for another degree. Honest instant thought -  a thought just popped into my head, what if I went back to school for restaurant management?  It would prepare me for what I need to know about opening my own place. Give me the insight I need to be successful. I could use my marketing/advertising background combined with my passion for food with an actual restaurant degree to beat the odds. I'll be equipped to take on my dream and make it a reality.  Rather then thinking about the big picture and all the various things I need to accomplish to reach my goal, I need to break this down into small tangible steps and take the one step at a time. I'll end up getting overwhelmed and not doing anything if I don't. While in school I could start planning the cafe with the different disciplines I'm learning which will help with the basics and advanced details of running a success restaurant.

Step one, research different school options. Step two, apply for school.

That's all the steps I need right now, worrying about the other things I need or want to do after is just going to overwhelm me and most likely cause me to not do anything. Something that's been happening for years now while I've been stuck at mindshare.

Glad I got that off my chest. Sometimes just writing helps clear some thoughts up, helps get out new ideas.

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