Thursday, September 29, 2011

Exquisite Corpse

Le Grand Fooding. 48 hours, 13 Chefs. 

Pictures from a birthday celebration, for Kevin, with Hugue Deflour, Chef and owner of M. Wells, and 40 other guests.  The event took place on the third floor of Honey Space, a Chelsea art gallery. 

Long table set for 40

Upon arriving, we were each handed our own mini bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne.

Kitchen are, Hugue Delfour and team.
 Our seats were right next to the kitchen, both good and bad.  The heat was a little overwhelming at times but it was an experience to watch the chef plate all the courses.
Sweet photography skills

Tomato soup and Foie Gras grilled cheese
 Rich and decant, this dish was absolutely delicious.  To be honest, I could have stopped eating after this because I was so full. 
Corn PARTY!!  Seasoned roasted corn, with 14k gold shavings that was rolled in lemon lobster butter
 The corn was served over popcorn with a huge slap of lobster butter.  Once the corn was gone, we couldn't let the buttery goodness go to waste, so we picked up some bread and started spreading away.   Almost wish I could have wrapped it to bring home with me.

 If you look closely, you'll see a blurry image of Chef Hugue.  I really love this picture, everything else in the is sharp, but he is out of focus.
Fried fish friends wrapped in escarole in a Asian broth with oysters and mushrooms
 By the time we reached this course, I was so full, I couldn't even finish all of it.(Don't worry, it was not wasted; thank you Kevin) There was so many flavors and textures between the broth, mushrooms and fish patty, as I would like to call it; incredibly delicious.
close up

AND for dessert, Salmon creamsicle (more like pudding that tasted like creamsicle)
Anyone who knows me, knows I don't eat dessert, yet I found myself taking fork fulls of this; even being as full as I was.  The white sauce, smeared on the plate, was sour cream or greek yogurt (I can't seem to remember) and the fish design was made from crumbled graham crackers.  I watched them plate this, and they used a cookie cutter and sprinkled the crumbs into it, to get the design of the fish.

Overall, this was a fantastic experience; possibly one of the coolest things I've ever attended.  Although, at times, the heat was unbearable and I could barely breath, (now combine that with the eating; if you know me, it was ROUGH at times).  I was thoroughly impressed and wish I could have eaten at some of the other seatings that took place.

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