Friday, November 18, 2011


I LOVE FRIED PICKLES; there I said it.  

NOW....rewind back to April 2010; driving across America with Jeana while eating lunch:

"I really hate pickles"
"Me too."
Bite into pickle that came with lunch - "ugh I really don't like them, you want to taste?"
BITE - "me either" -passing it back
"I just don't understand why everybody loves them" - passing back to her.
Bite, pass back, bite, pass back and the pickle is finished.
"ummm, I think I secretly like pickles" - "Me too"

And that my friends, is how I discovered my love for pickles and also brings me to the point of this post - the best fried pickle I've ever had in NYC
MEXiQ's fried pickle

MexiQ, in Astoria, is well known for their fabulous brunch; unlimited bloody's, mimosa and Mexican beer for $9 (it used to be $7 but they caught on to how awesome this deal was.)  They have an outstanding beer menu as well and serve an awesome corn flake crusted french toast, eggs benedict with smoked salmon (Kevin's favorite) or brisket for brunch.  However, their regular menu includes the BEST fried pickles I have ever had!!!  EVER! 

Their not your usual thinly sliced pickle; lightly battered and fried or the kind that Sweet Afton makes that are beer battered and have a zeppole like outside.  These fried pickles are whole slices, perfectly deep fried and served with a delicious relish sauce.  Brother Jimmy's, Southern Hospitality, Rare Bar & Grill and Hog Pit all receive praises for their frickles but I can proudly and honestly say they have NOTHING on MexiQ's. 

sub par Sweet Afton frickles

If you have a love for pickles, a love for fried goodness or a passion for both; do yourself a favor and take a trip to Astoria to taste these fried pickles. 

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