Thursday, September 8, 2011

Restaurant Week

In my opinion, Restaurant Week is an experience everyone must indulge in; at least once.  

If you're not familiar, here is a little info on Restaurant Week:
So in a nutshell it's an "event" that happens twice a year (Winter/Summer) where the best/finest restaurants in NYC offer their menus for a fraction of the price.  There's a pri-Fixed menu, usually priced between $24-$35 depending on lunch or dinner, offering a three-course meal.  Most places usually serve just lunch but some will participate for dinner. It allows you to try out that fancy restaurant you've been dying to eat at but can't really afford.
Danielle at DBK 
I mean how can you not  love that?!?!

This past July, a bunch of friends and I decided to revel in this opportunity and made reservations at David Burke Kitchen in SOHO (mainly because their menu had the most options).  See, I love options, it's the reason I'm a terrible packer but it's also the reason I've been able to taste so many delicious foods.  The way I see it sharing is caring and that transcends to my food as well.  Instead of ordering our "own" appetizer, entree and dessert; we each ordered one and shared among the table.  This gives us the chance to taste almost everything on the menu and chat with each other about who's dish was the best or the worst of the night.  Upon arriving at DBK, Kevin and I already had our entire order planned out, and pretty much had Danielle's (my cousin) contrived for her as well.  Let's be honest, there was no way we would order the same thing as each other, that's just unacceptable.  In the end, the result was a magnificently enjoyable experience we were able to share and will talk about weeks, months later, most likely years later.  (I totally referenced my dinner from that night while at lunch today, just saying.)

So basically, what I'm trying to get at is I've posted a bunch of  pictures, of our food of course, from that night....ENJOY.

PROSCIUTTO & BURRATA over white and green asparagus with melon

LOBSTER SOUP - lobster dumplings with coconut fennel crème and red watercress.  Taste just like lobster bisque with out the cream.

Tomato, Eggplant and Ricotta jar.  Unexpectedly very very good.

SCALLOPS & PORK BELLY with baby cauliflower and aromatic herb broth

PORK CHOP with cumin bacon, mango chutney and parsley onion rings.  I would say this won second place for the night.  The bacon was smokey and amazing.

SHORT RIB AND CAVATELLI with wild mushrooms and truffle cream.  I believe this was voted best dish of the night...YUP, it was MINE!


If you missed out during the summer, no worries, Restaurant Week will be back in the winter!!!  Can't wait till they post the list of restaurants who are participating!  If you can't wait for that, there is also Wine Week, similar idea (however, its more of a lunch things) but all about wine and who doesn't LOVE wine??  Advice:  Make your reservations early for both events.

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