Monday, September 12, 2011

A Burger Competition...

It might come as a surprise to you but I like burgers!  One might even use the word LOVE instead, to express my feelings towards those juicy meat patties.  Ok maybe not a complete surprise since I did post a few days back about the lamb burger at the Breslin and how it's a burger I would dream about.  But anyway, let's stay focused, see people always try to say that one burger is better than another burger and then they try to award one particular burger the title of "Best Burger".  In my opinion, you can't do that when there are so many different types of burgers out there.  It's like claiming on specific slice of pizza as the "Best Pizza" when that clearly can't be done because of the all the different choices and varieties out there.  (which is a whole other topic of conversation for another day)

This brings me to the title of my post, A Burger Competition.  To assist in this so called competition I'm going to start by breaking down the the Burger" into categories, 5 to be exact, and then winners will  be chosen from each category.  Obviously, these winners won't be chosen today; it'll be a process as I parade around NYC tasting all the various burgers, even revisiting burgers I've already tried to narrow down my selection. Although I know my opinion is the "end all, be all" when it comes to food, it's not right for just me to vote, so I'm going to be selecting a panel of judges to help me narrow this down and claim best burger for each category.  Judges panel = TBD

Back to the categories, I tend to get sidetracked easily if you haven't noticed, first off you have the "Gourmet Burger", such as the lamb burger from The Breslin or the ever so talked about Black Label Burger from Minetta Tavern (which I have yet to try but will shortly).  Then there's your "Everyday Burgers" of the world, like your Corner Bistros and your JG Melon burgers.   This burger is the one that counts to me, its the burger that most people eat, so it better be damn delicious.  Let's not forget two very important categories, the "Fast Food Burger" and what I like to call "Gourmet Fast Food Burger", ya know, a step up from BK and McD's to your Shake Shack's Five Guys and In-n-Out's.  The problem lies in where do you draw the line for most of these places, like for example, does the Burger Joint fall into an "Everyday Burger" or is consider more of a "Gourmet Fast Food Burger"?  Before we dive deeper into that question, let's recap on what categories we have so far:

1) Gourmet Burger
2) Everyday Burger
3) Gourmet Fast Food Burger
4) Fast Food
5) Specialty Burger

You'll noticed I added an additional category to the list, "Specialty Burger" these burgers are not your norm.  They are stuffed with things or might come with an egg on top; it's important area to find a winner.  The people need to know whats out there.

Let the first annual Food/Photo/Life Burger competition begin!!!  Well not quite yet but soon. I'll be back with definitions of each category, information on how the burgers will be rated and (drum roll please) THE CONTENDERS!!!!  Stay tuned and feel free to give feedback/suggestions.

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