Thursday, September 1, 2011

SF In A Few Photos

As promised here are a few photos from my recent trip to SF.  Bt dubs, it was such a great adventure mixed with wonderful people, awesome food and the perfect music to make a soundtrack.
Kevin and I being tourists, right below Lombard St.

Mushroom store in the Ferry Building.  Truffled anything makes me smile. 
I couldn't leave SF without the truffle honey (it was a huge decision between that and the truffle oil) but after purchasing I was told I could order from their website.  Guess I'll be getting the oil soon. If you too love all things mushroom or truffle, click here to view their website.

Wooden Bowls

Heirloom tomatoes from a market in the Ferry Building.  I love all the colors 

I like to call this one "Stash Face"  At First you don't know exactly what the image is but face on the left hand side combined with the random two people and the angles of the buildings make for a great picture.

Just me thoroughly enjoying my In-N-Out burger.  Eyes are closed, this is serious business.
Hope you enjoy the pics, I feel as though I'm getting better and much more confident with my picture taking.  I'll post more soon, because well, there are tons.

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