Friday, January 6, 2012

Recipe: Bo Ssam

After eating Bo Ssam at Momofuku, Kev and I started researching how David Chang makes the pork for this delicious dish.  After a few blog posts, I decided it wasn't too difficult; in fact it look rather simple.  

So I had off first Friday in December; Kev and I had plans to create some Christmas traditions and put up our Christmas tree. I decided to surprise him and make Bo Ssam. And here it goes.....

Went to the Berry Fresh Market in Astoria, there was this lovely 5 llb pork butt, I asked the butcher if he could cut this in half.  He said yes and do you want the bone; my response was OF COURSE. 

 Next step is to brine the pork, for 24 hours with equal parts of sugar and salt.  (this is the one step I sort of skimped on because of time - I started this the day of and only brined the pork for 2 hours - DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND BRINE FOR 24 HOURS!!)

Place the pork in a 300 degree oven for 5 hours, basting every hour with the juices that run off.  When the 5 hour mark hits, jack up the temp to 500 degrees and take the pork out of the oven.  Mix brown sugar and salt together and place over the pork.  Put the beast back into the oven.  This is sort of where I messed up a little.  My pork butt was on the smaller side, so I ended up burning the brown sugar layer.

While the meat was cooking i recreated the ginger scallion sauce we were served at Momofuku and opened a lovely jar of kimichi.  (I didn't have the time to make this from scratch, next time I will.  PROMISE)

Neutral oil

Oh and I bought white rice from the chinese food store.....I did mention I was pressed for time, right?? 

To make up for that, I did have oysters....

and lettuce wraps

Mmmm.  Overall, i would have to say this was a succes, minus the minor flaws (that will be corrected next time I attempt this).  And there will be a next time because for Christmas Kevin bought me the Momofuku Cookbook (I alos bought him the same cookbook....great minds).  So be prepared for lots of David Changs recipes making their way to this blog.

Kevin and our mini little tree. Surprising your love with Bo Ssam is a great way to start a Christmas tradition. 

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