Friday, February 3, 2012


A few weeks ago our lovely friends at Bloomberg TV (Arty and Meredith), took us (us being my team from work) to "The Social Table."  What is the Social Table you ask? Well, straight from the website, the Social Table is...."the place where good food and fun people get together to share a meal, a glass of wine and the experience of cooking."  Its learning basic cooking fundamentals, like properly cutting an onion without slicing your fingers off, while creating a meal with fun people. The ultimate dinner party; a little wine, great  food, lots of fun combined with some culinary skills. Chef Rebecca is awesome, she's fun, down to earth  a wonderful teacher who creates an environment that is relaxed and entertaining. She taught us simple yet necessary skills for the kitchen, making sure to include everyone in all the processes. We not only cooked dinner but we learned about food, asked tons of questions and had a great deal of laughs.  Even if you don't enjoy cooking, you will have a great time at The Social Table. I highly recommend making a reservation; but reserve sooner rather than later as she is completely booked solid through, I think, April.

Did you know that adding a little bit of water to your sour cream or greek yogurt will make it a whole lot easier to create a sauce or dip?  See I told you I learned valuable things; Chef Rebecca was awesome! 

Chive basil dipping sauce

Learning the difference between certain cuts of pork.  In order to create a pocket for stuffing, you have to make sure not to cut the meat in half otherwise the stuffing will just fall out.  Instead cut into the pork, make a decent size slice and then carve out the instead being careful not to cut the edges.

Nothing beats food, wine (which I unfortunately did not drink because sober January was still going on) and great people!!


Using a cheese cloth to strain the zucchini is a whole lot easier then using your hands (like i do when I make sweet potato cakes) - Also, I learned that adding salt before you strain them brings out the water, so you don't have to strain them more than once.  The things you learn!!!

Jenna mixing the zucchini and bread crumbs - and Jenna doesn't cook, in fact she doesn't turn on her oven, EVER!

The Ingredients for the Dark Beer pan sauce; shallots, apple cider and Guinness

The cheesy sauce for the mac and cheese being poured in the shells. I was in charge of making the "rue"; the basics of a real bechamel sauce....butter and flour then add milk - mixing so it doesn't stick to the bottom - once boiling add the cheese a little at a time.  We didn't put any nutmeg in but a "real" bechamel sauce calls for it.

Lisa was given the task of browning these lovely stuffed pork chops.  After they were seared in the pan, we put them in the oven for about 10-15 mins to finish them off.  Using the pan to create the dark beer pan sauce.

Stuffed pork chops with apples, cheese and sage.

Truffle oil on top of the mac and cheese?!?!  YES PLEASE.  I strongly stand by my saying of "cheese, bacon and truffle make everything better"

Apple pie made in a pan.  Pretty genius if you ask me.  BTW the crust was so simple to make; I will be trying this next year when I make my annual Thanksgiving Apple pie.

OUR MEAL...... zucchini latkes with a chive basil dipping sauce, mac and cheese topped with panko bread crumbs and wonderful truffle oil and juicy delish stuffed pork chops in a dark beer pan sauce. MMMMMMmmmmmmm!

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