Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthdays, Family & Traditions

 This is Kevin, the man of my dreams....

 My first successful attempt at creating depth of field with my camera.  This flower is actually really pretty and different.

The following pics are of a dead bug, another really pretty flower (Kev's mom has a great garden in the backyard) and some rocks that I found in a store while roaming around Nyack.


A trip to my parents house for birthday dinner and cake (birthdays are a big deal in my family, not presents wise but for the social gathering of them.  Every year, for everyones birthdays, we all get together and sing the traditional happy birthday.  There was a time when I thought this was absurd and annoying, now I love the tradition and hope it continues on forever.)  

....of course I had to show off my new "fancy" camera.  Above is my lovely Grandma and my nephew Jake in my parents kitchen.  The picture below is of a Tiki torch that as in my parents backyard.  I'm amazed at how detailed the pic came out with the camera.  I can't wait to learn how to really use it.
 My family is not by any means normal, but they are fun and I would be completely lost in this world with out them....below is Jake and my cousin Danielle (Lilll).  Jake just turned 4 months on July 3rd.  My niece, in the picture below of me blowing out my candles, is going to be 6 on  August 3rd.  She's my god-daughter and I try to spoil her as much as possible.  I still can't believe how old she is already....

 Lilll and Kevin chatting while eating dessert.
Joe Joe, my younger and sometimes crazy, brother.

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