Thursday, June 28, 2012

Westchester Adventure

Last weekend, Kevin took me on an adventure for a surprise lunch at a fantastic farmer's market in Westchester. Once I realized where we were going, I got super excited.  Not only because I'm obsessed with surprises but I knew a lunch surprise by Kev involved some type of great food.  What I didn't expect was the great view of the Hudson.

We arrived in Hastings on the Hudson and I was immediately in awe.  This quaint little town had no chain retail stores; everything was a mom & pop - it was so freaking cute.  

Lately, when we go food shopping, all that's in our cart is fresh veggies; why not just buy the veggies local at a farmer's market?  Honestly, I haven't been successful in doing so but I plan on taking advantage of the local markets.  Finding the right time to get there before I've already done the food shopping for the week is the challenge but I guess it's not an excuse.  I mean there's markets just like this one all over Westchester; even one on Wednesday's in White Plains - 3 mins from my apartment.

At the Hastings Framer's Market, there were all different types of stands from Bread, pickles, crepes to wood oven pizza.  There was even a stand selling duck products, and you bet we bought some duck bacon.  There was a young girl playing the guitar and singing some lovely folk music.  The weather was great, the scenery was perfect and the food was out of this world.  The market operates every Saturday from 830a-130p.

Yup you guessed right, the pizza was the main reason Kevin brought me here!! Dough Nation, has this wood fire oven pizza truck they park right in the market and pump out pies all day.

Little did I know but this guy right here is the master mind behind the pizza.  I clearly knew nothing about Dough Nation but after eating what might be one of the best pizza's I've had in a while, I quickly did my research.  Turns out the Chef/Owner is a pretty big deal.  Chef David DiBari owns The Cookery in Dobbs Ferry (another cute town in Westchester on the Hudson) - BT DUBS - I'm beginning to love Westchester more and more!!  He has worked in such prestigious NYC restaurants as Babbo and Danube.  It's no wonder his flavor combinations are outstanding; I mean who really thinks of green tomato jam?!?!  
Westchester Magazine
Westchester Eats

Naturally we wanted to try every pizza on the menu.  For the first time, I was upset we didn't. Since this was his surprise, I let him do the decision making (mostly bc it would have taken me an hour to decide).  

Prosciutto it is!!!  OMG!  Between the dough, THE. DOUGH. and the fontina cheese ohh and the green tomato jam and the DOUGH!!!  I could have eaten about 3 pies to my face.  It was fantastic, I mean really great.  This is hard for me to say but I honestly enjoyed this over the pie I had from Roberta's (which is supposed to be the best around).

NEXT STOP: The Cookery!

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